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Commercial Real Estate

Looking for commercial properties? Click on the image below
Looking for commercial properties? Click on the image below
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The Jamison Team are true experts in commercial real estate sales and leasing. Kevin is also an expert in CRE financing. Since 1994, Kevin and Darlene have worked with most commercial property types and entities in some shape or fashion.

About Commercial Real Estate
In a nutshell, commercial real estate is property that is used solely for business purposes. A property other than vacant land, a single family residence, a duplex, a triplex, a four-plex and an industrial complex is considered as a commercial property. Examples of commercial real estate include malls, office parks, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and office towers and buildings. The businesses that occupy commercial real estate usually lease the space. An investor usually owns the building and collects rent from each business that operates there. 

Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property financing is a whole different animal from residential property financing. With residential property loans, the lender is most concern with the borrower personally having enough income from a job or business to make the mortgage payments every month. Commercial mortgage lenders are mainly concern with the business property's ability to generate enough revenue to pay the mortgage each month. They realize that if the borrower's business idea or congregation didn't produce enough revenue to pay the mortgage and expenses of the commercial property, in financial distress, the borrower would opt to pay their personal mortgage, rent, etc. over paying the business expenses such as the commercial mortgage and expenses. 

Remember, if you are considering buying a property of four units or less, it is considered as a residential property. However a property of five units or more is considered as a commercial property. In simple words, multi-family projects are considered to be commercial property loans, but not all commercial property loans are multi-family loans. Commercial property loans can be obtained at different variable interest rates as compared to residential loans. 

If a property consists of a single apartment unit over a storefront then this kind of property is known as a mixed use property. A mixed use property is a commercial property and you would have to go to a commercial property lender to get a commercial property loan on such a property. If you are looking to purchase a commercial property or obtain a commercial lender, Kevin is our commercial property specialist, and he would be glad to help you to find the perfect property and lender.​ 

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